preliminary cost plan / rough cost plan

We can provide the information of work or project value based on concept drawings, table of building area, and building spesification. 

We analyze each component of the work on similiar projects that we have updated the unit price.

We make each work into more detail consisting of the components of each main work item, so it will be easy to optimize if there is an update in the future.

bill of quantity /
soft cost plan

At this stage, the role of quantity surveyor consultant will determine the optimal cost of the project in the future. We always make improvements in order to produce quality, more efficient, and accountable products. With the tools and applications we have developed, we believe we can lead to better results.

Auction & Contract

We have participated in various forms of auctions, there are many alternatives that can be done to get a competent contractor and competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of work or materials. There are tools and methods that we must prepare from schedules, documents, contract administration, and communication systems.

supervision and control of implementation costs

Because at the beginning we had planned and knew the details of the work and costs, at the implementation stage we were responsible for controlling payments so that there was no overpayment or cost overruns due to uncontrolled additional work. We also often encounter problems related to contracts during implementation, if not careful it can become a gap that can harm one of the parties.