Is a company engaged in the construction work planning consultant, especially the quantity surveyor consultant who is responsible for planning construction costs and controlling them.
Seeing that the level of construction growth in Indonesia is quite high from year to year, a quality construction planning consultant is needed so that it can optimize the investment value spent by construction project owners, by still prioritizing quality and environmentally friendly aspects.
This is a challenge for the company to be fully committed to improving the competence of human resources and developing the company in a sustainable manner. With more than seven years of experience in the quantity surveyor field, we have made many improvements to create new breakthroughs that can further optimize the output we produce.


To be the global construction planner company most needed as its performance and credibility.


Always earnestly, consistently, and innovatively to provide quality products and the best service to every customer.


To realize the company's vision, we have a code of conduct that each of our resources must have.


Have a strong desire to continuously to learn and try to find ideas to fix the deficiencies of the previous system or product with the spirit to be the best.


Always consistently treat the trust given by the customer by performing each task as best as possible in accordance with the procedure and adhering to honesty.


Have a good attitude and speak politely that is manifested in every interaction with internal or external company.


Perform each task enthusiastically and work earnestly to achieve the target.



Here are some of our experts who are experienced in the field of construction, especially quantity surveyors.

Ahmad S

Ahmad S

Civil Engineering
(Structural & Architectural Work)

Ari W

Ari W

Civil Engineering
(Structural & Landscape Work)

Akbar M

Akbar M

Electrical Engineering
(Mechanical & Electrical/ Services Work)

Tony M

Tony M

Architectural Engineering
(Architectural & Interior Work)